A full house for Mallorca in the 167 distance of the Mallorca 312 OK Mobility

  • Cyclists Sergio Llull and Ainhoa Moreno are the first to cross the finish line
  • Lionel Scaloni, manager of the Argentinean football team, completes the 167 with a time of 5:08:32 and an average speed of 32.5 km/h

Mallorca, 29 April 2023. The thirteenth Mallorca 312 OK Mobility set off this morning at 6.30 am from Platja de Muro. Over the distance of 167 km, the fastest riders were both from Mallorca: Sergio Llull with a time of 4:42:56 and Ainhoa Moreno with 5:16:43. The manager of Argentina’s football squad, Lionel Scaloni, finished the race with a time of 5:08:32.

The men’s podium was completed with two other Mallorcans after a hard-fought sprint by a small group of riders. Second was Joan Batle and third Abdon Vich, both with the same time of 4:48:46. In the women’s category, after Ainhoa Moreno came Florizoone Vernique with a time of 5:24:22 while third place went to Martyna Wisniewska with a time of 5:41:14.

This isn’t the first time Sergio Llull has taken part in the race; in fact he’s always been in the top ten but today he said he felt “very strong and I was able to get away from the pack early and ride alone for almost 100 kilometres”. Ainhoa Moreno, a young rider who forms part of the Italian professional team Aromitalia Basso, also came out on top and knew that “I was strong and I could do well because I know the roads. It’s fortunate to be able to hold and enjoy an event of these characteristics at home” said Ainhoa Moreno.

Scaloni’s happy to be back at the Mallorca 312 OK Mobility

The manager of Argentina’s football squad, Lionel Scaloni, also opted for the 167-kilometre distance. On his arrival at the finish line he highlighted the “great atmosphere experienced on the island today by all cycling fans” and added that “it’s wonderful to be able to ride along the island’s roads without any traffic and in the company of friends”.

8,000 riders at Platja de Muro

8,000 riders set off at 6.30 am to enjoy a day of pure cycling together with bib number 312, Vincenzo Nibali, through the Serra de Tramuntana hills and the north of the island.

With an ideal temperature for cycling and a forecast of intermittent cloud, Alberto Contador, Ivan Basso, Sean Kelly, Bobby Julich, Joseba Beloki, Pedro Horrillo, Oscar Pereiro and Oscar Freire all joined Vincenzo Nibali at the starting line. The mayor of Muro, Miquel Porquer, was in charge of cutting the ribbon to get the Mallorca 312 OK Mobility underway.

The rest of the participants are still riding to complete the distances of 167, 225 and 312 kilometres.

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