An epic day of cycling at the Mallorca 312 OK Mobility

  • The Mallorcan cyclist Alejandro Martínez was the first to cross the finish line in the Mallorca 312 OK Mobility with a time of 9:05:53 while, in the women’s category, the fastest rider was Belgian Katleen Luypaert with 10:12:56.
  • Rider number 312, Vincenzo Nibali, arrived at Platja de Muro with a time of 5:48:35.
  • The President of Spain’s Senate, Ander Gil, completed the 167-kilometre distance of the Mallorca 312 OK Mobility.

Mallorca, 29 April 2023. The Mallorca 312 OK Mobility, celebrating its 13th edition this year, has once again been a great success with the participation of 8,000 cyclists who left Platja de Muro this morning at 6.30 am. A day that dawned with intermittent clouds but, as the hours went by, the sun looked down on the cyclists riding the 167, 225 and 312-kilometre routes.

On his arrival, honoured cyclist number 312, Vincenzo Nibali, emphasised the great atmosphere experienced throughout the ride. “I’ve enjoyed a wonderful day together with some friends; I’ve loved riding on the traffic-free roads. The whole Mallorca 312 OK Mobility event is special and we have to thank the organisation” said the Italian champion.

For his part, the President of Spain’s Senate, Ander Gil, took part for the second time in the Mallorca 312 and completed the 167-kilometre route. On his arrival he confessed that “I’m already thinking about next year’s race because it’s spectacular and I really enjoy the atmosphere. You meet and talk to cyclists from all over the world” he confirmed.

The best in the 225 and 312

The first rider to arrive in the Mallorca 312 OK Mobility was the Mallorcan cyclist, Alejandro Martínez, who completed the route in 9:05:53, winning a sprint finish against Koen Van Geyt who succumbed in the last few metres to achieve a time of 9:05:56. In third place was Roman Locher with a time of 9:12:12.

The Balearic cyclist was very happy at the finish line and wanted to stress the importance of “having races like this here. Being able to ride through the Serra Tramuntana hills without any traffic is a lot of fun and I’ll never forget the experience of cycling down the Puig Major without any cars. I recommend everyone to come to the Mallorca 312 OK Mobility because it’s undoubtedly one of the best events in the world” he said.

In the women’s category, Belgian rider Katleen Luypaert was the fastest in the Mallorca 312 OK Mobility with a time of 10:12:56, followed by Ivonne Margraf who came second with a time of 10:32:51. Third place went to the Spanish cyclist, Pilar Mansilla, arriving at Platja de Muro with a time of 11:16:14.

With regard to the 225 distance, adaptive cyclist Patrick Hagenaars won the race with a total time of 6:33:11, ahead of Chabert Hans who arrived five minutes later with a time of 6:38:56 and, in third position, Hornuss Aurelien, with 6:41:13.

The fastest women over 225 kilometres were Marie Lepoutre with a time of 8:21:42, ahead of Carine Bauer (8:26:36) and the Balearic Nuria Tauler (8:28:49), daughter of the former professional cyclist Toni Tauler.

This year’s Mallorca 312 OK Mobility concluded at 8.40 pm when the Dimonis or demons welcomed the very last riders at the finish line, although the festivities continued with the awards ceremony, held on the stage of the Fair.

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