Aurum, new gold sponsor of the Mallorca 312


The Mallorca 312 Organization has announced today that ARUM, the exclusive bicycle brand created by Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso, is now the Gold sponsor of this cycling event.

The next edition of the Mallorca 312 will take place on April 30, 2022, the date when 8,000 participants ride the three distances that are part of this event: the main race of 312 kilometers, the intermediate race of 225 kilometers and the shortest race of 167 kilometers, all of them with the start and finish line in Platja de Muro.

The Organization hopes to hang the “sold out” sign in the next few days, announcing a maximum participation of 8,000 cyclists, thus returning to the normal participation numbers prior to the pandemic.

Test days for participants of the Mallorca 312 and click, collect & ride service

Taking advantage of the cycling atmosphere experienced on the island throughout the weekend of the Mallorca 312, AURUM will carry out multiple activities aimed at giving athletes and their companions the opportunity to learn first-hand the quality of their bicycles highlighting the test days from Thursday, April 28 and Friday, April 29 (where participants can test the AURUM Magma) and the exclusive service created for this occasion: Click, Collect & Ride.

Customers who purchase a bicycle through the AURUM website can ride their bike during the Mallorca 312. The bicycles will be fine-tuned by an AURUM mechanic. Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso will be in charge of the ceremony and deliver the Magmas to their new owners. (Service subject to available stock)

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