You can collect your bib number at the EXPO Mallorca 312 OK Mobility located at Avenida s’Albufera, number 33. Bibs are available on Thursday April 27 and Friday April 28 from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

No. The collection of bib numbers by a third party is not permitted as indicated in the Rules of the event. The collection of the jersey and extras by third parties is only allowed with the following authorisation: DOWNLOAD THE AUTHORIZATION.

The extras can be collected at the same place as the bib numbers.

The official start of the XIII edition of the Mallorca 312 OK Mobility is at 6:30 am at Platja de Muro. The three ROUTES (312, 225 & 167) start at the same time.

The time of the cuts for the Mallorca 312 OK Mobility can be consulted on the website.


No, it’s not mandatory to wear the Mallorca 312 OK Mobility jersey, but it is recommended, since the security and police personnel as well as members of the organization can easily recognize you as a participant of the M312.

Yes, as long as it has not been used and the tags are still on. Changes can be made at the, Mallorca 312 store located at the EXPO Mallorca 312. Only jerseys can be changed. Only jerseys can be changed.

Yes, you can choose the distance on the same day of the event. During the ROUTE, you can find the marked distances and can choose to change the route.

If you withdraw within the established time, a bus and a support car are available to take you and your bike to the finish line.

+34 621 396 853 / 112

The number can also be found on the emergency card.

Yes, there is paid mechanical assistance but only at refreshment points. You can check the location of these points on the route meter of the website.


We are working on the 2023 calendar.